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 Fallenpaw`s Prophecy: Mist Shall Fall....

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Fallenpaw`s Prophecy: Mist Shall Fall.... Empty
PostSubject: Fallenpaw`s Prophecy: Mist Shall Fall....   Fallenpaw`s Prophecy: Mist Shall Fall.... I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 21, 2011 2:24 pm

Fallenpaw awoke by the Deep Pool, after falling asleep in the Waterfall Cave. "Why have you called me here, StarClan?" she called. She was just about to go home when a single star swirled down to meet her. Fallenpaw squinted through the bright light, and saw a creamy ginger she-cat with blue eyes emerge. No way... Fallenpaw thought. It can`t be... "MOTHER!" she squealed happily, and the two she-cats twined around each other. But then Fallenpaw`s mother became serious. "Fallenpaw, I come with these words to warn you. I am sorry to corrupt this moment, my kit." Fallenpaw's mother`s eyes glowed silver, and she began to speak again.

Beware the one with ice in his eyes,
And the one who feels of hate.
You must believe in your heart,
And never lose hope in what you know.
To end this fight of ages, and to stop this evil now,
You must be strong, and never falter,
And in the end, mist shall fall...

As she finished the words, Fallen`s mother faded away back into the stars. "Wait, Mother! Don`t go! Tell me what you mean!" Fallenpaw yowled, but the dream faded, and Fallenpaw awoke in the Waterfall Cave once more.

Well, whatever is happening, I`ll stick through it to the end. For Mother. she thought determinly, Fallenpaw thought as she padded back to the camp to tell Shortwhisker what she had been told.
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Fallenpaw`s Prophecy: Mist Shall Fall....
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