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 Tidesplash's Prophecy(Dream)

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PostSubject: Tidesplash's Prophecy(Dream)   Tidesplash's Prophecy(Dream) I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 11, 2011 1:16 pm

Tidesplash woke up in a place full of stars. She was in StarClan, but how? "I thought Medicine Cats like mom were the only ones who meet StarClan cats?" she asked. "It is your time for a prophecy, young warrior. Listen closely. First, I am Songsoul," said the cat. "Second, your time has come. Listen closely."
"Two shall travel far together,
Challenges rise that warriors face,
The signs of the stars point in two directions,
Friends may betray you,
Enemies change sides,
Forces unite to reveal the truth,
Ask their question & face the answer,
One cats destiny is changed forever,
" said Songsoul. Tidesplash spoke. "Who is the other cat who will tarvel?" she asked. "You already know. Look in your heart," meowed Songsoul, before walking off. Then Tidesplash woke up. Now she knew who the other cat was. It was her sister.
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Tidesplash's Prophecy(Dream)
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