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 Angelclaw's prophecy..... (Dream)

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PostSubject: Angelclaw's prophecy..... (Dream)   Angelclaw's prophecy..... (Dream) I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 08, 2011 12:29 pm

Angelclaw awoke in a lush, grass covered plane, it had a circle of 10 tree's. She walked towards the circle, a strange humming noise was coming for it. It was odd, but vaugely familiar to Angelclaw. "Where am I?" she asked herself as she gazed around. She walked through the tree's and into the circle. There was a swirling circle, the main color was green, with light and dark blue swirling in with it. She put her paw into it, a strange tingling sensation swept through her body as she was pulled in.

Angelclaw saw a circle of StarClan cats, there was 6 in total. Each one a white she-cat with pure black eyes, no white at all. "Angelclaw. We have waited many moons for you." the biggest one said, she had a voice as smooth as silk. "We need you to continue the prophacie." the skinnyest one said, her voice was trembleing and very worried. "To continue what prophacie?" Angelclaw asked them curiously. "The Prophacie of the Angel's." the fattest one said, she had a very deep voice. Angeclaw gasped. "The Prophacie of the Angel's!" she mewed quietly.

"That is right." the biggest one said. "You are almost as impostant as your leader. You have arrived with the name Angelkit, for a very special reason." a normal sized cat said, her voice was sweet and smooth. "What is that reason?" asked Angelclaw, her voice was trembling ever so lightly. "To find out, you must first meet your other half." a small cat squeaked, her voice was very high pitched. "My other half......" Angelpaw sighed, her sigh was light and quiet.

The cats began to fade as it seemed to rewind back to when only just noticed the 10 tree's. But she couldn't hear the voices. "My other half." she mewed to herself quietly. "What do they mean by my other half?" She sat down and began to think. "My second life!" she screeched happily. "But.... How will I know it's MY second life, or other half?" Everything began to fade away as she woke up at the Waterfall Cave. "But I fell asleep in the Warrior's Den!" she mewed to herself as she gazed at the rushing water infront of her.

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Angelclaw's prophecy..... (Dream) Angelv10

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Angelclaw's prophecy..... (Dream)
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