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 Twisterstar's nine lives

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Twisterstar's nine lives Empty
PostSubject: Twisterstar's nine lives   Twisterstar's nine lives I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 16, 2010 2:37 pm

Twisterstar settled down in a comfortable position, and fell asleep. He soon found himself surrounded by the cats of StarClan, some he recognized.

A life of endurance from Galestorm
A life of strength from Stonefrost
A life of bravery from Puddelsplash
A life of defense from Lashface
A life of love from Heatherpelt
A life of hope from Darkbelly
A life of faith and trust from Starlight
A life of strong will from Raggedtail
A life of wisdom, compassion and mentoring from the leader of StarClan

"Hail your new name Twisterstar with pride, my son," Raggedtail breathed, and the cats faded while chanting: "Twisterstar! Twisterstar!". Raggedtail only remained, his scarred face fixed on his son. "You are the blinding light that will whirl out the darkness." Raggedtail suddenly was engulfed by a mass of shadows, and the dream faded away into nothing.
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Twisterstar's nine lives
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