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 Maplestorm`s Nine Lives

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PostSubject: Maplestorm`s Nine Lives   Maplestorm`s Nine Lives I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 16, 2011 1:39 pm

Maplestorm padded to the waterfall, and dashed beneath it to the cave. She sighed as she came into the cavern. Why did he have to die??? she asked herself. He didn`t even appoint a deputy. And then, of all things, he chose ME!!! Of all cats, why me?? I`ll be no good as leader!! The Clan won`t make it to the first leaf-bare. she thought miserably.

Lightningstar had been patroling the border with her when they had come. The foxes. They were on the cats easily and quickly, shredding at fur with their claws, and biting at the leader`s throat. Lightningstar had told Maplestorm to run, to get help, but she had helped her leader as much as possible. Finally, the foxes had fled. Lightningstar had lost too much blood from all of his wounds, whch had resulted in his last 3 lives being taken at once. He beckoned her closer with his tail.

"Maplestorm." he mewed. "This will be my end."

"No!!" she had hissed back. You can`t die!! You didn`t even choose a deputy!!! The Clan will be leaderless!!"

"And that`s why I choose my deputy now." Lightningstar meowed solumnly. "I say these words before StarClan, so that the spirits of our ancestors may hear and approve of my choice. Maplestorm will be the new deputy of LeafClan."

"What???" she had gasped. "Me?? Lightningstar, I`m not ready!! I`m not able to lead the Clan!!! I will bring them to their deaths!!!"

"You are unsure of yourself." he mewed. "You are the one I choose, and because of that, you will be a great leader. Maplestorm, you are the one." he had mewed quietly, and then, the last breath had left the great leader`s lips.

Now, Maplestorm sat in the cave, and fell asleep.

She awoke at the Deep Pool, and sat up. Immediately, the stars above swirled down to meet her.

"Welcome, Maplestorm. Are you ready to recieve your nine lives and your leader name???"

"Y-yes." she mewed uncertainly.

The first cat stepped forward, and her mother Ambergaze spoke. "With this life, I give you love. Never lose sight of what you love, or it will be forever lost to you." Ambergaze mewed, pressing her nose to her daughter`s flank.
Then came her father, Sunlight. "With this life, I give you speed. May you run faster than the rabbits on the moor, and catch much prey."
Next, her mentor Firtail, who gave her a life of mentoring, her brother, Whiteblaze, who bestowed a life of patience, her best friend, Hazelfrost, who gave her a life of wisdom and friendship, and her sister Redmoon, who bestowed a life of agility.

After them, the cats all blurred together. Maplestorm remembered recieving lives from Bluestream, her friend, Firesun, the previous deputy before Lightningstar, and Honeysong, Bluestream`s sister and also a very good friend.

Then, one cat stepped through the crowd, a blue-gery tom with a white tail tip.
"Lightningstar!!!!!!" Maplestorm gasped.

He grinned. "Of course. Welcome, Maplestorm, my loyal deputy. Do you wish to assume full responsibility of our Clan???"

"Yes, Lightningstar, I do, with all my heart." she mewed.

"Then, with this life, I give you strength, power, pride, and leadership." Lightningstar mewed, his voice echoing around the pool. "I now grant you you leader name. Maplestorm, from this moment on, you will now be known as Maplestar. StarClan honours you, and we accept you as the full leader of LeafClan. May you serve our Clan well."

The cats of StarClan all gathered around her, and began to greet her as they would a new warrior, chanting her name, voices ringing through the air. "Maplestar!! Maplestar!! Maplestar!! Maplestar!!"

Maplestar smiled at Lightningstar, silently telling him that she would do the best she could to lead his Clan....and her dream faded.

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Maplestorm`s Nine Lives
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