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 shadestar's nine lives

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PostSubject: shadestar's nine lives   shadestar's nine lives I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 13, 2011 1:08 pm

shadecloud had choose it was time to accept that twisterstar was not coming back. Since she was deputy it was her to become next leader. she got up and started to pad out of camp. On her way out she saw snowcream playing with her kit. sliverkit had grown so much. shadecloud was proud. shadecloud continued to walk out of camp. one question came across her mind who shall be deputy? she pushed the thought away. When she got out of camp, she looked around the territory. soon this will be mine she thought. she had finally reach the end of the territory and found the tunnel she used to take her clan to gatherings. she walked inside the tunnel. it was dark inside. she kept on going. finally what seemed like a never ending tunnel, she found the exit. She came out and found the waterfall a few tail lengths away as well as the gathering place. she walked up the the waterfall and lapped the water and fell asleep.

She woke up inside the waterfall cave. "hello?" she mewed. droplets from the cave celling fell and became cats. they spoke as one "hello shadecloud. are you ready?" she looked around the cave and recognized her mother and father, her sister and brother, the last stormclan leader, her best friend from snowclan, her last apprentice,stormclan's last medicine cat, and the first stormclan leader. "yes i am ready." she replied. Her eyes where full of tears from seeing so many friends.

Her mother was the first to give her her first life
"with this life i give you love, to care for your clan as a mother would for her kits"her mother said as she touch noses with her. shadecloud felt a warm feeling of love. it was like being next to her mother's warm belly again "i am so very proud of you,for being deputy and a mother." her mother mewed "thank you. grayflower" shadecloud said

her father was next
"with this life i give you never ending wisdom, to help your clan through hard times" as they touched noses she felt pain of hungryness. "i am proud of you. you have proved yourself many times over that you are my kit." he said "thank you stormclaw, i am proud to be your kit." shadecloud mewed

next was her sister
"with this life i give you trust, so you trust your clan and your clan trust you" she had to bend down to touch noses with her .she felt a jolt go through her. "thank you. flowerkit" shadecloud mewed "i missed you" she said. "i missed you to" flowerkit said.

her brother stepped up
"with this life i give you strength, to protect your clan through the hardest battles"he said. they had touched noses. as she felt claws scrap her sides as battles of the past flashed in her mind. "you where a great warrior,marshpelt and thank you" shadecloud mewed. he said nothing only left with a said look in his eyes

cloudstar stepped up. she remembered him from when she was a kit but he died right after she became a warrior.
"with this life i give you intelligence, to make wise chooses" he mewed the touched noses and she felt a burning sensation go over here. "thank you cloudstar. you where a great leader" she mewed

birdfall stepped up and said "i forgive you. you only had to do it to show loyalty." birdfall said. "thank you birdfall. i thought you would never forgive me." shadecloud mewed. "with this life i give you loyalty, to stay with your clan through thick and thin." shadecloud felt like someone had just given her the death bite. she stepped back and gasped. she looked at birdfall. she had sad eyes when she stepped back. "i hope i will see you again." she mewed to birdfall as birdfall went back in line.

mousepaw stepped up. shadecloud looked at him. he had no sickness like he did when he died.
"with this life i give you mentoring, to tech your clan from right and wrong." she felt like she was being mentored again as they touched noses.

flowerpeatal came up as she spoke her voice was like honey
"with this life i give you healing, to heal any problem that you have." she mewed. they touched noses and she felt the warmness of newleaf.

lastly stormstar came up
"with this life i give you leadership, to lead this clan for a long time."he said. they touched noses and shadecould felt like she was a kit turning to an elder.

"hail your new name shadestar" stormstar said. her new name rippled through the cats. "lead my clan well" stormstar said. the she woke up.

As she left she looked back and the memories flashed by.

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shadestar's nine lives
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