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 Rain's Mate Topic

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PostSubject: Rain's Mate Topic   Rain's Mate Topic I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 05, 2011 3:53 am

Sure, Why Not? xD

Name: Rain

Tom or she-cat?: She-Cat

Clan: ... er... A Kitty-pet.

Rank: Hm... A specific kind of kitty-pet? xD
She leaves the house often for days on end... just like...
So, she's a loose collared. If she didn't stick to her owner,
she could probably be considered a rouge.

Appearance: White and gray tabby with blue/gray eyes.
Red collar with two small yellow feathers attached.

Personality: Playful, brave, clever, loyal, and outgoing. :'D

Do you want kits? (Y/N): Yesness.
Mind you though, she probably won't join a clan. o3o
At the most, stay in the nursery until the kits are apprentices.
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Rain's Mate Topic
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