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 Cat Stats....

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Cat stats
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PostSubject: Cat Stats....   Cat Stats.... I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 15, 2010 11:18 am

-Rank: Health/Stamina-
Kit: 5/15
Apprentice: 20/80
Newly Appointed Warrior: 40/120
Young Warrior: 45/160
Warrior: 60/200
Experienced Warrior: 80/240
Senior Warrior: 100/280

-Special Rank: Health/Stamina-
Medicine Cat Apprentice: 35/90
Medicine Cat: 50/100
Deputy: 100/280
Leader: 120/300

These are the times on how long it takes to earn a new rank. After you earn a new rank, you have to wait the posted amount more until the new rank is earned.

-Rank -> Next Rank; Requirements-
Kit -> Apprentice; 2 weeks active + rank requirements
Apprentice -> Newly Appointed Warrior; 1 month active + rank requirements
Newly Appointed Warrior -> Young Warrior; 2 weeks active
Young Warrior -> Warrior; 2 months active
Warrior -> Experienced Warrior; 4 months active
Experienced Warrior -> Senior Warrior; 6 months active

The special ranks go about a different route, and cannot go up judged on time. Their requirements and sign-up sheets are posted elsewhere.

Thaks youz!
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Cat Stats.... Angelv10

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Cat Stats....
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