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Choose from four clans - SnowClaw, LeafClan, RockClan and StormClan - Choose your destiny....
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 SnowClans Omen. By Snowstar and Angelclaw:)

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PostSubject: SnowClans Omen. By Snowstar and Angelclaw:)   SnowClans Omen. By Snowstar and Angelclaw:) I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 21, 2011 2:27 am

Clans: SnowClan-RockClan-StormClan-LeafClan.


Leader: Snowstar- White she-cat with winter blue eyes and black tiger markings.
Deputy: Angelclaw- White she-cat with black over her green eyes leading to wavy stripe down her back with a spike coming down the left centre and spot near leg and black tail.
Medicine cat: Greenleaf- Green tinted white tom with bright green eyes and long tail.
Medicine cat apprentice: Starpaw- Navy she-cat with yellow stars on pelt, bright yellow eyes.
Warriors: Stormpelt- Dark grey tom with dull green eyes.
Smalltail- Short tailed she-cat with black pelt and small, white-tip.
Rainfall- White she-cat with tear-coloured eyes.
Goldfur- Gold she-cat with very yellow eyes and cream stomach.
Squirreleyes- Tom with hazel fur and eyes.
Apprentices: Fernpaw- Tabby tom with green eyes.
Oakpaw- Oak coloured tom with deep brown eyes.
Cinderpaw- White she-cat with blue eyes and orange tail.
Redpaw- Red pawed black tom with big green eyes.
Queens: Frostfur- Pure white she-cat with winter blue eyes.
Brindleface- Brown tabby with hazel eyes.
Poppyseed- Gold she-cat with yellow eyes and cream patches.
Kits: Sunkit- Bright yellow tom with striking emerald eyes.
Darkkit- A black tom with dark grey eyes.
Koikit- Small she-cat, she has a white, very light silver and orange calico pelt.
Elders: One-claw- Old tom with white fur and black stripe down tail, only has one claw.
Patchpelt- Small she-cat with cream pelt that has black patches and black eyes

Leader: Stonestar- Dark grey tom with stone coloured eyes and light grey blotches.
Deputy: Mountainclaw- Grey blue she-cat with yellow eyes.
Medicine cat: Deathberry- Black she-cat with red paws and green eyes.
Medicine cat apprentice: Lightpaw- She-cat with white and black calico pelt, electric blue eyes.
Warriors: Pandafur- White tom with panda markings and black eyes.
Strongclaw- Black tom with strong claws and orange stripes.
Bigtail- White Persian she-cat with puffy tail and light blue eyes.
Apprentices: Blackpaw- Black tom with yellow eyes and cream paws.
Kiropaw- Ginger she-cat with cream orange stripes.
Queens: Sunshine- Yellow she-cat with ginger tail and green eyes.
Gingerpelt- Ginger she-cat with blue eyes.
Kits: Greykit- Stone grey coloured tom with deep grey eyes.
Emberkit- Orange and yellow tabby she-cat with tuffs on her ears.
Smilekit- Black she-cat with violet that always smiles,.
Elders: Longscar- Dark grey tom with blue eyes and long scar leading from tail to right cheek.

Leader: Stormstar- A young tom with a light grey pelt, grey-blue eyes and small patches of dark grey.
Deputy: Lilyclaw- A she-cat with slightly purple pelt. Blue eyes that shine and a white tail.
Medicine cat: Jupiterseed- An orange tom with golden faded spots. Dull-green eyes and white paws.
Medicine cat apprentice: Creampaw- Cream she-cat with bright yellow eyes.
Warriors: Yellowclaw- Gold she-cat with yellow eyes.
Redtail- Yellow she-cat with striking green eyes and red tail.
Longclaw- White tom with longer fangs, black right back paw and lime green eyes. Whitefang’s mate
Whitefang- Pure white she-cat with hazel eyes, mate of Longclaw .
Apprentices: Pandapaw- White tom with panda-like markings, black eyes and black tail.
Lilypaw- Cream she-cat with purplish eyes and wide black pupils. Golden tail tip.
Sunpaw- Gold tom with cream paws and hazel eyes.
Moonpaw- Silver tom with grey stripes, black eyes.
Queens :Gingerfur- Ginger she-cat with water blue eyes and gold stripes.
Softpelt- Black she-cat with striking bright green eyes and black tail-tip and soft fur.
Wintereyes- White she-cat that has winter blue eyes that has thick fur.
Kits: Sleepkit- Blue grey tom with green eyes.
Raisekit- Orange she-cat with small spots of yellow all around her body, yellow squares around her red eyes.
Hightkit- White she-cat with black eyes, long tail, legs and neck.
Elders: Redberry- Redish-grey she-cat that has yellow eyes that has many scars dotted on her.
Brokenjaw- Old tom with broken jaw, blackish grey fur and small green eyes.
One-Eye- An old tom with missing eye. Remaining eye yellow and grey fur.

Leader: Leafstar- Greene grey young tom with a scar over his left eye.
Deputy: Pebblepile- Grey tom with blue eyes and dark grey spots on his back.
Medicine cat: Jaybird- Black tom with distinctive tail dappled in brown, white and black.
Medicine cat apprentice: Violetpaw- Black she-cat with one green eye one violet, small patches of her fur are tinted with violet.
Warriors: Honeyfur- Pretty young she-cat with golden fur.
Featherclaw- Small she-cat with small claws. Mate of Stonetalon.
Stonetalon- Grey tom with large claws. Mate of Featherclaw.
Longears- Young brown tom with unusually long ears.
Apprentices: Small paw- Small tom with white fur.
Brokenpaw- Tom with black fur and a white stomach.
Robinpaw- Pretty she-cat with brown fur and red stomach.
Queens: Sand pelt- Sandy yellow she-cat with green eyes.
Redpelt: Young she-cat with red fur and blue eyes.
Kits: Yowlkit- Black and orange calico tom with electric blue eyes.
Bigkit- Large, gold she-cat with stunning sapphire eyes.
Dirtkit- Brown tabby tom with hazel eyes.
Elders: Fishfur- Old, silver tom with shiny fur and blue eyes.

Rogues, Kitty-pets and loners-
Rogues: Shadowmile- Very large black tom with black eyes.
Hazelshine- Hazel she-cat with hazel eyes that shine all the time.
Threelegs- Old grey tom with green eyes and missing back left leg.
Circlepelt- Black she-cat with white circles all over her pelt, mainly around her red eyes.
Cheetahpelt- Fast tom with green eyes and the same pelt as a cheetah.
Fireblaze- Red tom with orange and yellow fire-like marking, orange eyes.
Kitty-pets: Mr. Fluffy- Fuzzy white tom with turquise eyes.
Emo- Black tom with red eyes, paws and tail. Some red marks that look like blood.
Poofy- Fluffy grey she-cat with sapphire eyes and white tiger marks.
Sumo- Fat beige she-cat with brown eyes and tail-tip.
Dye- Originally white tom with ice blue eyes, but his owners keep on dying his pelt and eyes different colours.
Loners: Crykit- Abandoned ice blue she-cat that’s always crying.
Heartface- White she-cat with red hearts dotted around her face, heart red eyes.
Badgerpelt- Tom that looks like badger with green eyes.
Swimpaw- Strange white she-cat apprentice with water marks.

SnowClans Omen.

Four clans, four leaders, two prophecies…

Chapter 1- The Fog…
Snowstar is the leader of SnowClan, a mystical area on the cliff. She is a young, white she-cat with tiger stripes, a black nose and winter blue eyes. Snow covers the entire area, except the old mine-shack. It was once inhabited by two-legs before the coldness struck. Now it is empty. The deputy of SnowClan is Angelclaw. Another young white she-cat with black above her bright green eyes, covering her ears and leading a wavy stripe down her back with a spike to the left in the middle and a spot near her front left leg, she also has a black tail.

One foggy morning as the sun just began to raise a loud screech woke Angelclaw from a dreamless sleep. “What was that?!?!” Angelclaw mumbled to herself. She got up to see what it was. There was nothing… “Must be my mind…” suggested Angelclaw, once again to herself. She decided that since she was up she might go for a walk. She sniffed the cool mountain air. What a lovely morning, she thought. She went to the leader’s den. “Snowstar! Are you awake??” asked Angelclaw is a whisper. “Is that you, Angelclaw??” Snowstar mumbled to her friend. “Yes, want to go for a walk?” asked Angelclaw. “Ummm. Sure, be right out,” was the faint answer she got back. Angelclaw padded a few steps away and sat down. She breathed the foggy air. It was so fresh! When Snowstar emerged her fur was very smooth. “Hiya. The air is so fresh, but very foggy...” Snowstar commented. “Yeah, let’s go and walk,” Angelclaw announced. They walked to a forested area when the fog wasn’t that thick. “Finally! Some non-foggy area!” mumbled the SnowClan leader. “Hey! It’s getting a bit foggier!” mewed Angelclaw. The fog thickened and made it unbelievably hard to see each other…

“I can’t see you! Where are you?” yowled Snowstar. “I don’t know! I can’t see,” replied Angelclaw. Is this natural?? Wondered both of the cats. “Let’s go. This is way too thick to see through,” Snowstar suggested. “I agree, follow my voice, I can just about see camp…” replied Angelclaw. They got out of the fog and padded to the camp. “That was weird!” remarked Angelclaw. “Yeah. Let’s go back to sleep,” replied Snowstar. “Okay, see you soon. Wait… what was that sound?” asked Angelclaw as the growling became louder. “I think it’s a badger…” replied Snowstar. They turned around to find a badger….

Chapter 2- Hunting with the apprentices.
The badger bared his teeth, those big yellow teeth. “What will we do, attack it?” asked Angelclaw. “Let’s try and frighten it away,” recommended Snowstar. The fearless Snowstar bared her teeth and flexed her claws. The badger backed away a few steps. Angelclaw stepped forward and bared her teeth and growled. The badger began to leave. “Wow! We scared it,” Angelclaw mewed. “We did! No more badger for now,” said Snowstar, “Now we have to go hunting with our apprentices.” “Okay, meet you at the hunting area,” replied Angelclaw. They both went to get their apprentices. First to get her apprentice was Snowstar. She walked into the apprentice den and called “Cinderpaw, your training. Come quick,” called Snowstar. “Oh! My training. I’m so excited,” Cinderpaw remarked. The young apprentice was a white she-cat with blue eyes and an orange tail. She padded over to her mentor and dipped her head. Snowstar made her way to the hunting ground with the young apprentice following. “We have to wait for Angelclaw and her apprentice, Redpaw, now look out for some mice,” said Snowstar. Meanwhile, Angelclaw had just found her apprentice playing with a leaf. “I was looking for you!” called Angelclaw, “Am I in trouble?” asked Redpaw nervously. He was a black tom with red paws and the big green eyes.

“No, you have training, now get ready,” Angelclaw told the nervous apprentice. “Cool!” mewed Redpaw. She led Redpaw to the hunting ground. “Hello, Snowstar. We are ready, are you?” Angelclaw greeted Snowstar with. “Yes, see that small squirrel, Cinderpaw, try to catch it,” Snowstar challenged the pretty young she-cat. “I will try my best!” she mewed, with a leap she was heading to the squirrel. She landed with her paw stretched out and it landed on the surprised squirrel. Her claws were out and went through the squirrel’s neck and killed it. “Well done, my apprentice,” Snowstar congratulated the fascinated she-cat. “Wow, I did it! I actually did it,” Cinderpaw mewed with so much delight. “Good going, Cinderpaw. Now, Redpaw. Can you catch that fat squirrel over there? Give it a try,” Angelclaw told Redpaw. “Sure, I can try,” replied Redpaw. He flexed out his claws and leaped at the squirrel and bit into its neck, killing it. He carried it in his mouth to his mentor. “I did it. Proud?” Redpaw said. “Yes, I’m proud. Ha-ha,” laughed Angelclaw.

“Well, we will let you hunt on your own now. I think they are ready,” Snowstar smiled. “Yes, I agree, they are ready,” agreed Angelclaw. “Yay! Thank you so much,” both the apprentices laughed. The two mentors walked back to their dens to relax. “That was fun,” Cinderpaw giggled. “Yeah, want to try to kill a few mice? I see some fat ones over there,” asked Redpaw, challenging the young she-cat. “You’re on!” Cinderpaw agreed. She leapt at a fat mouse, as her claws sunk into its tail she bit into its neck. “Wow, you’re good,” commented Redpaw. “Your turn,” said the proud Cinderpaw. Redpaw sneaked up to a mouse and slowly bit into its neck. It was dead now. “You are great as well,” complimented Cinderpaw. “Let’s bring these to the kill pile, and some to the elders!” suggested Redpaw as he started to walk away. “Okay, let’s go,” Cinderpaw agreed as she caught up with Redpaw. After they gave the food to the elders they went back to the apprentice den.

Chapter 3- Midnightkits apprentice ceremony...
The next day Snowstar padded into the nursery "Midnightkit?" She mewed "Yes Snowstar?" replied the tired kit. "It’s time for your apprentice ceremony!" mewed the SnowClan leader "Really!" mewed the kit eagerly. "Follow me" Said Snowstar and the kit followed. Snowstar leaped on top of the old mine shack. "Let all cats old enough to catch prey gather beneath me," announced the leader then all the apprentices and warriors came to the mine shack. "Today we are gathered here to make Midnightkit an apprentice," said the leader. "Midnightkit, from this day until you are a warrior, you shall be known as Midnightpaw and your mentor shall be Stormpelt," "Midnightpaw! Midnightpaw!" mewed the cats. "I’m so excited!" Mewed Midnightpaw, then she licked her mentor and he licked her back.

“You will go train now, okay?” said Snowstar. “Okay Snowstar,” replied Stormpelt. He led his apprentice to the hunting area and said “You shall kill the fastest squirrel here!” ordered Stormpelt. “Okay, I can try!” replied Midnightpaw. She sneaked up on the squirrel and let her tail go low. Too low. The squirrel could hear the tail brushing lightly against the grass and ran away. “Oops. What did I do wrong?” she mewed, looking at Stormpelt. “You let your tail go on the ground,” replied Stormpelt, smiling at his new apprentice. “Oh, okay,” Midnightpaw mewed, looking for another small creature to attack. She quickly spotted a mouse nibbling on something she couldn’t recognise. She began creeping up on it, as she stalked it a twig snapped beneath her paw. The mouse ran away. “Why!” she mewed, looking up into the sky. “It’s okay, it takes practice,” Stormpelt reassured his apprentice. “Why did you make me catch the fastest squirrel first?” Midnightpaw said as she gazed at the slowly moving clouds.

“I threw you in the deep end,” Stormpelt told Midnightpaw, following her gaze. “Why, though?” she mewed, “Because you will learn quicker,” Stormpelt replied. “Why?” “Why what?” “Why would it help me learn quicker?” Midnightpaw asked, to that Stormpelt replied, “It worked for me.” “Really?” “Yes, now concentrate, Midnightpaw. Catch the fastest thing here.” Midnightpaw nodded and watched out for a fast creature. She spotted a very fast mouse and decided that would be her kill. She sneaked up behind it, tail high and steps light. She pounced on it clumsily, but her teeth sank into its neck. It died quickly. “I did it!” Midnightpaw mewed happily. “Good. It’s getting dark, better get back to camp,” Stormpelt advised, looking at the setting sun. They began padding back to camp, fireflies danced in the light breeze.

Chapter 4- A meeting with a RockClan cat.
After the ceremony she leaped off of the Old Mine Shack. She felt like going for a walk, so she went down to the mountain slope. It was the only safe way to the fresh spring pool; it was one place where all clans could go. There was a spring in the middle of SnowClan camp that had a small lake leading to the rocky edge of the mountain, the fresh spring water created a waterfall that ended in the fresh spring pool. The small lake that led to the water fall always had a thin layer of ice. So, as Snowstar looked down the path to the fresh spring pool she saw a fat squirrel she could eat there. That will make a good lunch! She thought to herself. She made her way down the mountain path, as she was near the bottom the air was warm. The fresh spring pool always had a warm breeze. It was a massive difference to the cool mountain air of the SnowClan territory. She was at the fresh spring pool and killed the fat squirrel with one swipe. As she was eating this fat, juicy squirrel, she heard a hissing sound. “Hello?” she asked unsure of who was hissing.

“It’s me. Your friend, let’s just say,” replied the voice. The cat showed itself. It was Stonestar, the RockClan leader. He was a dark grey tom with stone coloured eyes and light grey blotches. He smiled with pride. He had an eye on the squirrel Snowstar just ate. “You ate my squirrel,” he hissed. “It is no-one’s squirrel, it didn’t have your name on it!” hissed Snowstar is a more aggressive than he was. “Okay, but you must give me a mouse first. Then I will not harm you,” he offered. “Why should I?” asked Snowstar, by now she was in her hunting position baring her teeth at Stonestar. “Why should you?! Ha! You ate my squirrel, that’s why!” hissed Stonestar. “It wasn’t that’s why!” hissed Stonestar. “It wasn’t your squirrel, you are just too lazy to get your own food!” teased Snowstar. She leapt at him, hissing and baring her teeth. She landed on top of him and sunk her claws in his back. “Get off! Get off! Get off!” he yowled helplessly. She jumped off and hissed. She growled to tell him that she was not the cat you should mess with! He ran back to his camp. Snowstar said to herself “Ha! I showed him. I better get back to camp.” She made her way up the mountain path…

Meanwhile in RockClan Stonestar was in the medicine cat’s den, Deathberry, a black she-cat with red paws and green eyes. “I was attacked by Snowstar,” explained Stonestar. “Why did she attack?” asked Deathberry. “I told her that she had to catch me a mouse because she ate a squirrel I wanted!” admitted Stonestar. “Well, don’t do it again. Her claws were in deep and you have four tiny scars. They are only dots though,” commented Deathberry. “Ok. Can I go? I have to train my apprentice. It’s going to be fun hunting with Blackpaw,” Stonestar claimed. “No, you can’t hunt. You’re injured, remember?” Deathberry told SnoneStar. “Well, I need to talk to my deputy. Can I go?” he urged. “Fine, but be careful!” Deathberry shouted as he ran out. Stonestar was walking when he bumped into Pebblepile, a grey tom with blue eyes and dark grey spots on his back, Pebblepile was his deputy. “Hi Stonestar, are those new scars?” asked Pebblepile. “No, what, oh those scars. Yes they are new. I was attacked after being pushy with Snowstar,” explained Stonestar. Stonestar motioned for Pebblepile to follow. “Pebblepile, you are my deputy, will you train my apprentice, Blackpaw, for me?” asked Stonestar. “Why? Can you not hunt after the attack?” asked Pebblepile, “Yes, I’m not allowed to hunt. So, will you?” mewed Stonestar. “Sure. Okay, I will,” Pebblepile agreed. So off he went to train Blackpaw.

Chapter 5- Stories and dreams…
At SnowClan camp Snowstar was telling stories to the kits. She was telling the one about Longscar from RockClan. “Longscar is an old tom from RockClan. He has a long scar from his tail-tip, to his right check. Want to know how he got this scar?” she asked the kits. “Yes! Tell us! Please tell us!” were the replies. “Okay, he was at the forest, by the fresh spring pool. He wandered with a limp into this deep forest. He was a warrior when back then. He found an old den. “What animals den is this?” he asked himself out loud. He heard a noise from the den. It was a scurrying noise. A badger popped its head out. It bared its teeth, growling. Longscar growled and hissed, bared his claws and teeth. The badger attacked and scratched him from the tip of his tail to his right cheek. That is how he got the scar…” That was the story that Snowstar told.

The kits had fallen asleep. All curled up. Snowstar made her way back to her den. She fell asleep very quickly. She had a strange dream. It was her mother, telling her to follow her instinct. Telling her to go and follow… But before her mother could say she woke up. “Why?! Why did I wake up?” she moaned. “Hello….” Someone whispered. “Who is there? Show yourself,” ordered Snowstar. “Sorry to wake you,” a young apprentice apologized. It was Cinderpaw. “Cinderpaw? Why have you come?” asked Snowstar. “I thought I heard you calling me, in my dreams. Saying “Follow your heart.” Weird, huh?” explained Cinderpaw. “Yes, I had a dream that my mother was calling me, telling me to follow my instinct. Go and follow… Then I woke up... It’s very odd,” Snowstar told Cinderpaw. They looked at each other, “Maybe we both ate some bad meat?” Cinderpaw suggested. “Maybe,” Snowstar laughed, her voice was smooth. “So, what have you apprentices been up to?” “Well, just training. I saw a large bird and caught it!” Cinderpaw smiled, she then started to frown.

“Why are you frowning?” Snowstar asked, hoping that she wasn’t the cause of the frown. “Oh… It’s just that, well, have you ever felt really disappointed?” Cinderpaw asked, her voice was heavy with sadness. “Yes, when my mother and father died,” Snowstar sighed, remembering her mother and father. “Really, I’m disappointed now,” Cinderpaw said, putting her tail around her paws. “Why, what’s bothering you?” Snowstar asked, she felt concerned, she knew what it was like being sad. “Well. There’s someone I like, but I don’t think they don’t like me. And they’re from another clan.” Cinderpaw sighed and looked away from Snowstar. “Well, I know that it’s against the Warrior Code, Cinderpaw, but… You should at least meet them. Who is it?” “Moonpaw, from StormClan.” Cinderpaw shifted uncomfortably. “Oh. Go meet him,” Snowstar smiled. “Okay, I will wait for him at Deep Pool,” Cinderpaw said as she padded out of the leaders den. “Thanks,” she called over her shoulder.

Chapter 6- Medicine cats and Medicine cat apprentices meet.
“Hey! You’re my apprentice, right?” called Greenleaf, noticing Starpaw. “Yes, yes I am,” Starpaw mewed, a little bit startled. “Hi. I was collecting herbs and forgot I had an apprentice,” Greenleaf laughed, he flicked his tail to the herbs as proof. “Yeah,” mewed Starpaw, she felt very awkward. “Okay, I’m the ever forgetful Greenleaf! Tell me about yourself,” he mewed, looking into Starpaws shining yellow eyes. “Well, I always wanted to be a Medicine cat but I wouldn’t have minded being a warrior. I’m not forgetful, unlike you,” she informed him, she smiled nervously. “Okay, maybe I can tell you secrets once we’re better acquainted,” he smiled back. “Okay…”

In RockClan, Deathberry was getting herbs with Lightpaw. “Will we get some poppy seeds?” asked Lightpaw, her white and black pelt dotted with poppy seeds and other small herbs. “Yes, we always do. Collect all the death berries so the kits won’t eat them,” Deathberry told her apprentice. Lightpaw nodded, she collected 20 poppy seeds so far, and 1 death berry. “So, what happens if you eat death berries?” Lightpaw asked curiously, eyeing a large cluster of death berries. “You die,” Deathberry mewed quickly, hoping that she wouldn’t have to tell a story of a death berry death. “Okay,” Lightpaw mewed, a bit suspicious of how quickly her mentor answered her.

Lightpaw continued to collect multiple herbs. There was a very heavy silence. “So… Any news?” Lightpaw mewed, trying to break the silence. “No, not really,” Deathberry mewed. “Well, I’m a bit tired and the sun is setting,” Lightpaw yawned, inhaling the fresh air happily. The sun was setting on the west horizon, although the sun was bright, there was a cold breeze. “Do you want to go back?” Deathberry asked, her voice was tinted with sarcasm, but it was still barely noticeable. “Well, the sun is setting and it’s getting dark,” Lightpaw mewed, her electric blue eyes reflected the suns ray. “Let’s go back to camp then,” Deathberry and Lightpaw wandered back to RockClan camp, the cold wind ruffled their fur.

Chapter 7- Innocent
Stormpelt was at Deep Pool, Deep Pool is where the clans can go. But Four Trees is for the gatherings. Stormpelt sat at the cold waters’ edge. In winter, the large pool would freeze up, kits and apprentices would slip and slide on it. Sometimes the warriors, maybe an elder or two if they are not sleeping. It was the end of Leaf-fall and the cats were trying to catch more fresh pray. With great hope, StarClan would be good to them this year and not a single elder would die. Strompelt had an old friend that moved from SnowClan to StormClan, Whitefang. He had lost contact with her since she moved to StormClan. She was a pretty white she-cat with hazel eyes. She moved just before her warrior training had started. Now he didn’t know much about her. Did she get hurt? Did she still like him? Stormclaw had liked her a lot when they were apprentices. “Stormpaw?” asked a smooth, sweet voice of a she-cat. “Who are you?” Stormclaw asked, unsure if there was a Stormpaw in another clan. “I’m Whitefang,” mewed the voice, she walked out of an old bush, her hazel eyes stood out from her white pelt. “Whitepaw-I mean Whitefang?” Stormclaw mewed, he was so shocked that he could barely talk.

“Yes, Stormpaw,” Whitefang mewed, her white teeth showing when she smiled. “Stormclaw, actually,” Stormclaw mewed, his dull green eyes looking into her hazel eyes. “What a nice warrior name,” Whitefang mewed sweetly. “Yeah, thanks. How is StormClan?” Asked Stormclaw curiously. “Oh, it’s doing good,” Whitefang smiled. “Do you have a mate? Because….” Stormclaws stopped, feeling a bit awkward. “Yeah, Longclaw. He’s really nice,” she smiled, she still had feelings for her old friend but it’s against the Warrior Code. “What were you going to say?” “Oh,” Stormclaw sighed, “It’s just that before you left I was going to ask to be your mate.” “Oh, well, I would’ve said yes, but I have a mate,” Whitefang said quietly, giving Stormclaw a lick on the check. Stormclaw blushed under his grey pelt.

“Thanks,” Stormclaw sighed happily. Stormclaw licked her back shyly. But somebody was watching and didn’t like what they saw. A loud hiss came from the bushes. “Who’s there?” Stormclaw growled at the hissing. “What are you doing with my mate!” a tom hissed, revealing himself from the bushes. It was Longclaw. His white pelt was dotted with leaves from the bush, some dead some still green. “Longclaw!” gasped Whitefang, “What are you doing here?” “Looking for you, why did you lick him?” Longclaw asked, his voice full of anger and rage.

There are more chapters to come!!!

Thaks youz!
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SnowClans Omen. By Snowstar and Angelclaw:) Angelv10

SnowClans Omen. By Snowstar and Angelclaw:) Gd10
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SnowClans Omen. By Snowstar and Angelclaw:)
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