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 Ivykit's Destiny(Dream)

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PostSubject: Ivykit's Destiny(Dream)   Ivykit's Destiny(Dream) I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 22, 2011 2:21 pm

Ivykit woke up in a clearing filled with herbs. She only recognized a few, from the camp & from what the mothers were given. A StarClan cat was in front of her. She spoke, "Hello little one. Welcome. You are here to learn your destiny. You see, you are destined to follow a path not every cat can follow. You must follow your dreams, & give up love," said the she-cat, "wait! I haven't even introduced myself. My name is Sapphirefrost, long ago a Clan cat, now a StarClan cat. As I was saying, your destiny is the less followed path, giving uplove to follow your dreams," finished the she-cat. "Search for your answer. You know it, & soon you will figure it out," said Sappirefrost. "In time we shall meet again." With that, Sapphirefrost disappeared in a flash of light. When Ivykit woke up, she was in Medicine Den. "I went to sleep in the nursery! Why am i here?" asked Ivykit. Then she realized it. "Destiby! The path few cats have followed, give up love...I'm destined to become LeafClan's Medicine Cat!" Ivykit jumped with joy & ran off to the leader's den. She knew that Lightningstar needed to know about her prophecy.

OOC: Sapphirefrost is the first MC of LeafClan, if possible, because each MC has an MC guide that are in StarClan.
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Ivykit's Destiny(Dream)
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